Hello. Shundra here. I am a licensed Esthetician in the states of Texas & Louisiana and founder/owner of Skin Deep Natural Skincare & Cosmetics Spa, LLC. At my Skin Deep spa, we provide a wide variety of body and skin care and makeup services. Our FOCUS is educating men and women how to maintain and rejuvenate their TOTAL WELL BEING – the MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT (SOUL) – i.e. the complete image.

In my many years in beauty business, I have treated numerous clients who have skincare problems caused by product sensitivity and environmental factors. In my research I found that over 54% of female consumers prefer natural, plant-based skin care products & spa treatments rather than chemical-based. I have found that non-chemical, natural botanical treatments are just as effective, or in my opinion, better for treating skin issues.

Because our skin is the largest organ on the human body, it is important that we care for it properly so that it will continue to function effectively and efficiently. Obtaining and maintaining healthy habits will increase one’s life span and preserve the body.

For this reason I have created a line of products that are formulated with natural plant-based ingredients which I use in my spa treatments and sell for home use. All products are 100% natural and made in the USA.